Your star sign's flirting style

Bold and confident in everything they do, Aries are no different when it comes to flirting. They have no problem picking out the hottest person in the bar and buying them a drink.

Confident and charismatic, Leos are master flirters. From focused eye contact to a devastating smile, Leos normally have a lot of tricks up their sleeve.

The most adventurous of the star signs, the Sag flirting style is best described as fun. Always prepared with a side-splitting anecdote


Famous for having a way with words, it comes as little surprise that Geminis rely heavily on their wit when it comes to charming a potential partner.

Their star sign ruled by Venus, Libras tend to be natural-born flirts. They are more than adept at using their charm, charisma, and beauty to win people over.

Aquarians tend to be great proponents of flirting, since it allows them a great opportunity to show off how charismatic and fun they can be.

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