The reason your breakfast may be undermining your weight reduction goals

In a recent interview on the BBC program 'Just One Thing,' Professor Tim Spector described

His personal experience of unwittingly gaining 10 kg due to his breakfast choices over a decade.

Professor Spector, a nutrition specialist and co-founder of the ZOE project, decided to adjust his morning routine a

witnessing a surge in his blood sugar levels soon after eating what he thought was a "healthy diet."

Surprisingly, his breakfast of toast and marmalade, coupled with a cup of tea and a glass of orange juice,

was the culprit behind his weight increase. This prompted him to advise individuals to try different breakfast options to see what works best for them.

Professor Spector reflected on his prior breakfast habits, saying, "When I was a healthy doctor epidemiologist,

It [breakfast] would be mostly a cup of tea with low fat milk in it." with a glass of orange juice, as well as toast with marmalade.