The Best Diets of 2023, Reviewed by Our Registered Dietitian

Trying to achieve a specific body image is out; gaining whole body wellness is in.

hat goal begins in the kitchen, with meals that keep your heart healthy, your mood stable, your organs nourished

your immune system robust, and give you the energy you need to slay your hectic days. If you want to make changes to your eating habits in the new year,

keep one word in mind: satisfaction. Eating should be an enjoyable experience, and it is very feasible to do so while being healthy and nutritious.

"A healthy eating plan has to be sustainable for you and your lifestyle," says registered dietitian Stefani Sassos,

"Most diets fail because they emphasize restriction." Commit to changing your perspective to one of plenty by 2023."

" Her words of wisdom? Instead of excluding certain meals or entire food groups, which can result in your body missing out on essential nutrients,

focus on filling mealtimes with nutrient-dense foods that will fuel you today while also guiding you toward a lifetime of smart eating habits.