National Dog Day 2023, what breed suits your zodiac sign

We first began domesticating wolves some thirty thousand odd years ago, offering them food scraps and sanctuary in exchange for their divine company.

While we may not deserve them, we can do our best to appreciate them, an effort that begins with choosing the right breed for your needs and your zodiac sign.

A common question among canine enthusiasts is whether or not dogs have zodiac signs. The answer is yes of course! This Shiba Inu is a proud Capricorn


Never one to back down from conflict, even and especially when the odds are stacked against them, Aries will find fellowship with this mid size breed that is know to pick fights with animals

Geminis wear many hats; investigator, orator, supercomputer for useless information and the mighty Dachshund goes by many names; low rider, wiener, weenie, sausage dog

Cancer seeks in a hound what it has always needed in another human; an ability to intuit, predict and soothe the ever shifting moods of this water sign.

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