Does Coffee Make You Gain Weight What a Dietitian Has to Say

Coffee is the best way to start the day, but can it cause weight gain?Freshly ground coffee is one of the world's most popular drinks due to its rich taste and inviting aroma.

The National Coffee Association estimates that 65% of American adults drink coffee daily. 

Many individuals drink coffee to start their day because of its delicious taste. Who doesn't want a hot cup of coffee in the morning to wake up and get going?

Your morning coffee may do more than keep you awake and productive. How and when you make coffee may effect weight loss. 

To clarify, we spoke with a weight loss dietitian to learn if coffee causes weight gain.

Coffee affects everyone differently, but there are various reasons why some people may gain weight unintentionally.

A daily latte or Frappuccino from your local coffee shop may be delicious and invigorating, but they include more than coffee.