Best proteins for people living with diabetes

Lean Chicken

"A good portion of protein is 22 grams per meal, or a palm-sized piece,"


Turkey is ideal for lean protein. A 3-ounce portion of ground turkey has 23 grams of lean protein and no carbs.

Vegan Protein Powder

Make a low-sugar, high-protein smoothie with spinach, chia seeds, unsweetened almond milk, and berries for sweetness.


Eggs are high in protein. Anziani advises pasture-raised, organic omega-3 eggs. "The yolk will concentrate chicken omega-3,"


High omega-3 fatty acid levels make salmon heart-healthy. 

Greek Yogurt

 "It naturally contains carbohydrates and protein, which are ideal for controlling hunger and blood sugar," 

Tuna Fish

Diabetes requires sodium restriction, therefore select canned tuna with lesser sodium.