Avoid these Type 2 diabetes-causing foods

Soft Drinks We're all in the habit of having a soda with every meal. But they have disgustingly high levels of sugar added to them, causing a rapid increase in the blood sugar level.

Cake: Sweet Temptations This sugary dessert truly knows how to tempt the taste buds. With its fluffy layers and creamy frostings, it wins the heart. But alas, for those with type 2 diabetes

Milkshake: Creamy Chaos You may think, what harm can fruits and milk do? When you toss these in the blender, you are using higher levels of fruit than you would eat in one sitting.


Beer Alcohol and carbohydrates in this cause a significant increase in the levels of sugar. It can also contribute to weight gain and affect insulin sensitivity.

chocolate Dark chocolate with a high cocoa content is a better choice and is even proven to have a myriad of potential health benefits when consumed in moderation.

Pizza This often contains refined carbs in the crust, high-fat cheese, and sugary tomato sauce. These components can elevate blood sugar levels and cause weight gain.

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