Are Protein Shakes Beneficial for Weight Loss? What a Dietitian Has to Say

Find out if protein shakes might help you lose weight.Americans are interested in protein nowadays. 

 Over 2 in 5 Americans consume protein smoothies everyday, according to Statista. 

Are protein shakes as effective as advertised? Can they help you lose weight? Protein is needed for muscular growth, bone health, immunological support, and blood sugar control, as well as weight management.

we'll review protein's function in weight control, the pros and cons of protein shakes, and how to incorporate them into a healthy weight-loss regimen.

Protein supports weight loss in numerous ways. High-protein foods are satiating, so they keep you full longer and reduce snacking. 

 Protein also preserves and builds lean muscle mass, according to study.

Fat and muscle loss are frequent during weight loss. However, a 2019 Nutrients study found that protein may reduce muscle loss and preserve muscular mass.