9 Grocery Items to Add to Your Shopping List to Help You Lose Weight

Two trained dietitians recommend these foods for weight loss.

Diet culture tells us to avoid healthful foods like carbs, gluten, and dairy to lose weight. 

Restrictive diets fail. Eating more weight-loss foods is better. We asked two dietitians what to put in your basket to do that. 

These nine low-calorie foods provide full fiber and protein, making weight loss easier without feeling hungry.

Learn more about these dietitian-approved choices."Upping your vegetable intake is a great place to start when trying to lose weight or get healthier," 

EatingWell's Nutrition Editor Jessica Ball, M.S., RD. A side salad is a tasty way to fill up and add fiber and nutrients to your diet." 

Spinach, kale, collards, lettuce, and cabbage provide fiber and water, keeping you hydrated and filling you up for little calories.