8 Foods to Boost Your Good Cholesterol

Heart-healthy foods and drinks are delightful.You've probably heard of "cholesterol" before, and you're not alone if it confuses you.

From the low-fat diet era to keto-lovers, cholesterol and its health effects seem to be muddled.

First, cholesterol is a fat-like component in our blood that helps us generate hormones, produce vitamin D, digest food, and more.

Too much cholesterol can cause plaque formation and blood channel narrowing, which can lead to heart disease because it's fat-like and waxy.

But not all cholesterols are the same—there are two primary types: LDLs and HDLs. 

LDLs are called "bad" or "lousy" cholesterol because they collect in blood arteries. 

HDLs are called "good" or "helpful" cholesterol because they transport excess blood cholesterol, including LDLs, to the liver for breakdown and excretion.