6 Best Nutrition Tips

Use the 1 in 10 Rule

Sugar, salt, and trans fats were lower in 10:1 foods. 

Be proactive

After starting a better habit, it's easy to focus on scale numbers. 


Next time you buy sandwich fixings, go outside the bread aisle. Big, crunchy lettuce slices instead of bread are ideal for getting more produce without feeling like you live at the salad bar.

Chill Pasta to Melt Fat

The noodles become "resistant starch," making digestion tougher, when the temperature drops.

Eat Rainbow

A colorful salad provides a wider range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Don't allow your usual toppings limit your imagination.

Don't Drink, Eat Fruit

Researchers showed that daily fruit juice consumption elevated type 2 diabetes risk by 21%.

Eat Before Eating

An appetizer of broth-based soup or apple can save meal calories by 20%.