6 Sneaky Signs You're Overtraining

1. Your thirst Is real

Not a post-workout green juice craving. Overtraining may make your body want water.

2. You skip rest days

All that #fitspo is clouding your head, but scheduling sofa time is important. Hard. "Social media has denigrated leisure days as laziness and lack of fitness. 

3. You're getting clumsy

This clumsiness goes beyond "Why do I always spill the brunch mimosas on my lap?" and creates an imbalance in daily living.

4. Getting too little sleep

“If you stop seeing muscular gain or fat loss, you may be pushing your body too far,”

5. You set unrealistic goals

Consider the larger vision instead than pushing yourself daily. "Remember why you started, reassess your goals, and see if you've achieved them,"

6. You're getting cranky

Overtraining doesn't merely cause fatigue or weightlifting plateaus. "Overtraining makes people irritable and short-tempered,"