6 Foods That Cause Bloating and Hurt Digestion

1. Dairy

Eat This Instead! If you feel better after that break, go lactose-free. "For people with lactose intolerance, Lactaid or aged or fermented cheeses and yogurts can be easier to digest,"

2. Soda

Eat This Instead! If you want sparkle, try sparkling water with lemon or lime juice instead of soda.

3. Artificial Sweeteners

Eat This Instead! Eat genuine sugar and limit yourself to 20 grams (women) or 36 grams (men) per day. Avoid Acesulfame-K, Aspartame, Mannitol, and Saccharin.

4. White Flour Foods

Eat This Instead! "Choosing whole grains and fruits and vegetables can help." A transition from white bread to whole wheat or white rice to brown will keep things going.

5. Fast Food

Eat This Instead! Make the perfect pick every time you eat out with our Restaurant page.

6. Alcohol

Eat This Instead! "Always match one glass of alcohol with one glass of water,"