6 Best Floor Exercises for Quicker Weight Loss

1. Squats

"Squats work out the large calorie-burning muscles in the thighs and buttocks with or without weight,"

2. Lunges

"Lunges work out the large leg muscles and can be done forward or sideways, which can help get your heart rate up during your floor routine," 

3. Burpees

Burpees begin with feet shoulder-width apart on the floor. Engage your abs and lower into a high plank with your legs behind you and hands behind your shoulders.

4. Pushups

"Back to standard strength training exercises, pushups strengthen the chest and arm muscles, so you don't lose much muscle mass there while losing weight,"

5. Sit-ups

"Sit-ups won't give you six-pack abs (that's more about the fat over the abdominal muscles), but they can help you lose weight and tone your torso,"

6. Jumping Jacks

To conclude, jumping jacks are another basic floor workout that burns many calories.