4 Zodiac Signs Are Least Affected by August 30 Full Moon

Aries, and allow yourself to relax — especially if you’re on the verge of mental burnout. This lunation is prime time to lean toward spiritual liberation.

Prepare to explore, Cancer. Whether you’re physically seeing new sights or mentally diving into new ideas, this is a good time to venture out of your comfort zone.

Passion and creativity are swirling around you, Scorpio. Revel in everything that brings you pleasure. If you’ve been second-guessing yourself, particularly when it comes to your artistic projects,


It’s time to soften up, Capricorn. Though you’re typically ruled by logic, this potent full moon is encouraging you to tap into your heart instead.

Getting more sleep could mean that you’ll start to experience vivid dreams [that] uncover important messages,” Marquardt says. Don’t cast them off as nonsense

This full moon will expand your sense of wonder about the world and help you uncover more meaning in life,

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