3 Zodiac Signs Break Free From Love

Aries Today shows you what you always knew but didn't have the guts to accept: you need to be free. You're the world's caretaker and have taken on everyone's problems.

You need to live your own life and you have made so many provisions for others that you know in your heart that you've denied yourself this freedom ... and it's starting to hurt.

Sagittarius If there's one lesson that's really starting to ring true for you, it's the idea that while it's nice to take in the advice and suggestions of others, it's even nicer to listen to your own heart and trust in it.


On August 23, 2023, during the transit of Moon opposite Jupiter, you will recognize one thing: it's time. Time to let the battle cry out! Point that arrow and shoot, Sagittarius.

Pisces You have always had a fearless streak in you, and you've also noticed that over time, you've reduced that fearlessness just so you could fit in to what others expect of you.

It's time to reach deep down inside and bring back that fearless warrior; the transit is Moon opposite Jupiter, and it is here to support that drive.

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